General Disclaimers



  • All Vectors used for post headers and general blog graphics are Free License Vector Illustrations from Vecteezy
  • Blog Graphics are made with the Canva and use their free stock images/icons.
  • Any other graphics (e.g. Readathon or Book Tag graphics) are used with permission from the owner and link back to their website.
  • All featured GIFs have been found on Giphy or Tumblr
  • All book covers featured are taken from Goodreads.

Reviewing Purposes

  • All book synopsis featured in the Reviews are taken from Goodreads.
  • All Arcs that are received via Netgalley or for Blog Tours are explicitly labeled as such in the title of the Review and receive a separate disclaimer “Thank you to [Publisher Name] and [Source] for providing me with a digital Arc in exchange for an honest review! All quotes featured are from the Arc and therefore subject to changes.” All Arcs are received free of charge.

All texts, blog posts, and reviews are my own unless otherwise stated. Please don’t redistribute/copy without explicit consent from the owner. Thank you!

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