2022 Reading Challenges

2022 Challenges

Goodreads Reading Challenge 📖


Read 65 Books ✅


12 Books Reading Challenge 💌

  • 12 Challenge {12 Months to read 12 Books Recommended by 12 Friends}
  • The Template was created by Shadowbooker over on Instagram.
  • I love the idea of reading books recommended by other bloggers/bookish friends so I knew that I had to join in 🥰 Thank you to everyone who sent in a recommendation! 💗

12 Challenge Updated

Progress 💌

  1. Six Crimson Cranes (Elizabeth Lim) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pauliina @ thebookaholicdreamer
  2. Between You, Me and the Honeybees (Amelia Diane Coombs) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Marie @ drizzelandhurricanebooks
  3. Soulswift (Megan Bannen) ➽ Kat @ lifeandotherdisasters
  4. Anxious People (Fredrik Backman) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐.5Veronika @ wordyandwhimsical
  5. Jade City (Fonda Lee) ➽ Ashley
  6. Strange the Dreamer (Laini Taylor) ✅⭐⭐⭐.5Sabrina @ wordyandwhimsical
  7. We are Inevitable (Gayle Forman) ✅⭐⭐⭐.5 ➽ Lais @ thebookishskies
  8. Legendborn (Tracy Deonn) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aarushi @ aarushireads
  9. The Girl and the Ghost (Hanna Alkaf) ➽ Tasya @ theliteraryhuntress
  10. Blood Like Magic (Liselle Sambury) ➽ Maddie @ inkingandthinking
  11. Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo) ➽ Sandra
  12. All of Us Villains (Foody & Herman) ➽ Kal @ readervoracious

#TackleMyTBR2022 📚


© Kimberlyfayereads

How you can join 📚

  • The 2022 Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge runs from January 1 – December 31, 2022. You can join at any time.
  • The goal is to read at least ONE book from your TBR every month. It can be an ARC, ebook, audiobook or print – your choice. Any reading is good reading!
  • Use #TackleMyTBR2022 on social media.
  • Tell your friends! [Shorter link for sharing: https://ki.mreads.link/tacklemytbr2022]

Monthly Themes  📚

2022 TackleMyTBR

My #TackleMyTBR Goals 📚

  • Read 2 Owned Books per month (24 in total)
  • Read 1 Book per Monthly Theme
  • Read 10 books that have been on my Physical TBR since 2016-2018 (12 qualify)
  • Read 5 books that have been on my Kindle TBR since 2020 (13 qualify)
  • Only haul physical books that I’ll read in the next 3 months

Progress 📚 43 Books Read

📚 Physical TBR  (21 Books) || 📱 Kindle TBR (22 Books)



#DevourYourTBR 📚


© DevourYourTBR

  • #DevourYourTBR which is all about tackling your TBR using cool monthly challenges! Apart from January, these don’t have to be books you own, so I’ll be reading from my Goodreads TBR!
  • This is hosted by Destiny @ howlinglibraries & Kathy @ booksandmunches on Goodreads and I believe that there’s also a Discord ❤

Monthly Themes (by Destiny) 📚

  • Jumpstart January: Jumpstart January was inspired by the phrase, “Begin as you mean to go on” — in simpler terms, set the stage for the rest of the year by devoting January to reading books already on your TBR! If you’ve never read it and you owned it prior to January 1, 2022, it counts for this challenge.
  • Lovely February: Lovely February is all about celebrating love, but not just the romantic kind! This can include romance books as well as books about family, friendship, found family tropes, pets, whatever feels “loving” to you.
  • BIPOC Celebration March: For this challenge, I’m encouraging you to read books by BIPOC writers: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Publishing is still comprised of primarily white authors, so it’s important that we take the time to support authors who are breaking through systemic barriers to bring us their stories. Please spend some time celebrating BIPOC authors (and not just this month, but always!).
  • Ancient April: Ancient April is all about reading books that are not set in modern times — this could be historical fiction, memoirs, nonfiction about times gone by, true crime, or classics! (We’re pretty lenient around here, so if you want to read a pop culture book about the 80s or 90s, be my guest.)
  • Mental Health May: May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the US, so what better month to focus on books about mental health? It doesn’t have to be fiction, so feel free to throw a self-help book or a funny memoir about mental health on your TBR, too!
  • Pride Parade June: I couldn’t possibly exclude Pride Month from the 2022 challenges. This month is all about reading queer rep and queer voices! Whether it’s a cute queer rom-com or a heavy memoir, if there are queer characters or the author is queer, it fits.
  • Vacation Time July: It’s the middle of the year — let’s take a trip! Read books about journeys and adventures, vacations, and books that take place outside of your country. (You can also choose books by authors from countries besides your own; again, we’re lenient here!)
  • “All Bodies” August: For the last of our diversity months, let’s take a moment to dwell on one of my favorite phrases: “All bodies are good bodies!” Find some books with diverse body representation, such as fat or plus-size rep, disabled rep, etc.
  • Study Hall September: It’s time for Study Hall September, and we’re taking notes! I want you to read books recommended by other readers, whether that’s your best friend, your mom, or that random booktok account you started following the other day. If you added it to your TBR shelf because someone else raved about it, now is the time!
  • Ominous October: Ominous October is the perfect time for all those spooky and monstrous reads, but don’t be afraid (pun intended) if you don’t like horror! You can also read thrillers, mysteries, or even dark fantasy for this challenge.
  • Remember November: This was one of our original prompts created by the group creator Kathy, and I loved it too much to let it go: Remember November is all about reading books you didn’t get to from your previous 2022 TBRs. This might be something you had on a readathon TBR earlier in the year, or a book you were so excited to purchase but then it sat collecting dust on your shelf. (Don’t worry, I just called myself out, too!)
  • Easy Readin’ December: ‘Tis the season… for easy readin’! Let’s close out the year by giving ourselves a break and picking up some easy reads like short books and novellas, graphic novels and manga, or maybe re-reading an old favorite. Show yourself a little love (and feel free to power through a stack of comics for one final boost to that Goodreads reading goal!).

Progress 📚


#Pondathon2022 🌷

Pondathon II: The Quiet Pond's Story-Driven Readathon

© CW @ The Quiet Pond

  • The Pondathon 2 is another story-driven challenge, that runs the entire year with character creation and side quests like last time 🥰 It’s such a wholesome Reading Challenge and this time you can earn little graphics to decorate a garden with, which is just the cutest 🥺

“We hope this readathon will inspire (or rekindle!) your love for reading, where you can get rewards that will unleash your creative and nature-loving side.

Pondathon II will be a gentle, fun and stress-free story-driven readathon where you will be reading to help save the forest, following the devastation during the events in Pondathon I. But, rather than just one month, Pondathon II will span from mid-January to mid-December – so the readathon will be span for all of 2022.” – CW @ The Quiet Pond

My #Pondathon Character

Pondathon Character 2.0

My #Pondathon Garden