2023 Reading Challenges

2023 Reading Challenges

Goodreads Reading Challenge 📖

Read 65 Books


General Bookish Goals 💌

➽ Make smaller, more manageable TBRs. 

➽ Read the remaining unread physical books I bought in 2022. 

➽ Participate in no more than 1-2 Readathons per month. 

➽ Read more translated fiction.

➽ Incorporate sequels into my TBR.

Read the remaining “12 in 12” book recommendations


Project Backlist Reading Challenge 📖

Project Backlist Reading Challenge: Tackling the Owned TBR in 2023 Reading the Shelves one book at a time...

© Reader Voracious

  • It’s a reading challenge hosted by Kal @ Reader Voracious and focuses on reading your Owned TBR.
  • I love that it’s very laid back and that you can decide your own goals, so the challenge fits for you.

My Goals 📖

Badge Goals

  • Completionist: Reach an 80% read rate for your owned books
  • Committed Reader: Read an owned book a week (or a month)
  • ARCrastinator: Clear over ARC list

My Own Goals

  • Read the physical books I buy within 3 months of purchase!
  • Read the oldest books on my Physical TBR!
  • Prioritize Kindle books I bought in 2020 & the first half of 2021!


#DevourYourTBR 📚


© DevourYourTBR

  • #DevourYourTBR which is all about tackling your TBR using cool monthly challenges! Apart from January, these don’t have to be books you own, so I’ll be reading from my Goodreads TBR!
  • This is hosted by Destiny @ howlinglibraries & Kathy @ booksandmunches on Goodreads and I believe that there’s also a Discord ❤

Monthly Themes (Text & Images by Destiny) 📚

Jumpstart January:
* leftover from 2022

Kick off the year with books already on your TBR! If you’ve never read it and you owned it (or had it on your TBR) prior to January 1, 2023, it counts for this challenge.

Fluffy February:
* new prompt!

February is all about the fluff and feel-good moments, so read some lighthearted reads: romance, humor, and all the comfy and cozy vibes!

Culture Cruise March:
* re-mixed prompt

Let’s go on a Culture Cruise and celebrate BIPOC authors and authors from countries other than your own!

April Showers:
* new prompt

Let’s read something refreshing: reach for a genre you don’t read often!

Mayday! Mayday!:
* new prompt

Mayday! Mayday! Read books with characters in trouble—whether the stakes are low (like a cute rom-com) or high (like an edge-of-your-seat thriller) is up to YOU.

Pride Parade June:
* leftover from 2022

This month is all about reading queer rep and queer voices!

Jumbo July:
* new prompt

I like big books and I cannot lie~ 🎵 Read books with 400 or more pages!

Accessibility August:
* re-mixed prompt

Focus on reading books written by and/or about neurodivergence (autism, ADHD, etc.), diverse bodies (disabilities, fat rep, and more), and mental health!

Sword & Shield September:
* new prompt

Get your swords ready, friends: September is all about fantasy books! From the epic high fantasy journeys all the way to the chill paranormal romance novellas, if it’s fantasy, it counts.

Ominous October:
* leftover from 2022

It’s spooky season, and it’s time to bust out the spooky reads! This month is all about horror, mystery/thrillers, and dark fantasy.

Remember November:
* leftover from 2022

Remember November is all about reading books you didn’t get to from your previous 2023 TBRs. This might be something you had on a readathon TBR earlier in the year, or a book you were so excited to purchase but then it sat collecting dust on your shelf.

December Dash:
* new prompt

It’s the end of the year, and a lot of us are focused on two things: finishing our current reads, and completing those Goodreads challenges. December Dash is about short books (under 200 pages) and the last of our current reads so we can start 2024 off with a clean slate!