Review Policy

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Currently NOT accepting Review requests

Thank you for your interest in me and my blog Bookcheshirecat. If you’d like me to read and review your book, please read my guideline to what I accept/don’t accept so we’re both on the same page. I will not react to Review requests that don’t fulfill the criteria mentioned below! If you’re interested in what I have read/review so far, please feel free to check out my Social Media Accounts (see at the sidebar) and my Review Index (also contains my Rating Scale).

  • I review every Arc I receive on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon Account. Please be aware that
  • You can contact me only via my Contact Page! I try my best to answer within 3-5 days, depending on how busy I am!

Acceptable Formats

I accept both digital (PDF or epub) and physical Arcs! When it comes to sending the latter please note that I live in Germany – I’m grateful if you’re sending the book all the way over here.

Genres I read

As my blog is centered around Young Adult books I will only be accepting Young Adult books for review, as it’s almost exclusively what I read as well! Here are the Genres that I reach for when it comes to YA books.

  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Dystopian
  • Sci-Fi
  • Historical Fiction

Genres/books I don’t read

I will NOT be accepting any Review requests for the following Genres/books! Please note that I also can only accept requests for sequels if I have read the first book in the series. You can find the books I have read on my Goodreads Account.

  • Non-Fiction
  • Adult/NA books
  • Self-Published books
  • Erotica
  • Thriller/Crime

After accepting your request

I always try my best to read the book as soon as I can, but please keep in mind that I also have other books to get to. I will try to read your book within 2 months after receiving it and if it’s an Arc 1-2 months before publication date! I reserve the right to decline your request if I don’t have the time or interest at the moment (I will make clear if I’m not accepting review requests at the top of this page).

  • I reserve myself the right of not finishing the book, but I will e-mail you with the reason why and not post any further Reviews!
  • I will always be honest in my Reviews, meaning that receiving a free book doesn’t guarantee a positive review. I provide constructive criticism when I review any books under 4 stars.

Let me know if you have any questions and don’t hesitate to contact me! Thank you for reading my Review Policy!

💕 Caro @ bookcheshirecat