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Hello fellow bookworms ☕️ I actually had planned to participate in a meme today, but I didn't realize the topic was happening on March 17th and NOT February 17th - I'm such a genius 😅 Therefore let’s focus on the my next favorite thing besides books: Coffee. Combine that with Bookish Questions and you’ve got the Coffee Book Tag!!… Continue reading Coffee Book Tag

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Creatures of the Night Tag

Happy Halloween!!!!! 🎃 It’s my second favorite holiday of the year so therefore it’s time for a seasonally appropriate Tag! The Halloween Tag has been going around Booktube, but the books I’d choose for it wouldn’t be scary books, so I found a more spooky Tag. What’s more spooky than the Creatures of the Night? This… Continue reading Creatures of the Night Tag

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End of the Year Book Survey & Best Books 2016

Originally Posted: December 27th Hello fellow bookworms ⭐️ I’ve wanted to do my Best Books of 2016 post when I stumbled upon Cait (Paper Fury) doing the End of the Year Book Survey Tag by Jamie and I couldn’t help but do it too. I’m personally super excited for this neat survey, because I like stats… Continue reading End of the Year Book Survey & Best Books 2016

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Smashing & Dashing Character Awards 2016

Originally Posted: December 23rd 2016 Hello fellow bookworms 🏆 It’s time for me to name my favorite characters of the year, because 2016 is already over. Thank you Cait (Paper Fury) for inventing this really cool tag that helped me a lot to group my favorites into handy categories, I had lots of fun writing… Continue reading Smashing & Dashing Character Awards 2016