Spooky Content for Scaredy Cats 👻🐱

Hello fellow bookworms 👻 As you might have noticed I LOVE Halloween with all my heart ... but I'm a big scaredy-cat 🐱 I don't do horror movies or anything with large jumpscares ever as it would shoot my anxiety through the roof and make me unable to sleep for days. I also don't much enjoy jumpscare… Continue reading Spooky Content for Scaredy Cats 👻🐱

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Things to Do in Winter (+ Recs) ❄ with Swetlana 💕

Hello fellow bookworms 🎄 You might remember that I did a similar post for Fall where I shared my favorite Things to do in Fall and as Winter is my absolute favorite Season I couldn't resist sharing my favorite festive Activities for Blogmas - 8 activities to be exact! Like last time I included a few… Continue reading Things to Do in Winter (+ Recs) ❄ with Swetlana 💕

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Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters

Hello fellow bookworms 💕 since Shadowhunters is back in full swing with a third Season (and needs all the support and promo for a fourth season) I decided to make a post about why you should give the show a chance! I’ve been among the people hesitant to watch the TV Series but I can speak from experience… Continue reading Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters


Books to read in winter

Hello fellow bookworms ❄️ it’s officially my favorite time of the year, so I decided to once again make a post for some seasonal reads! In this episode: winter aka my ultimate favorite season! BUT WHERE IS THE SNOW??Anyways I’m feeling super festive and have been that annoying person that decorates their entire flat, lights seasonal… Continue reading Books to read in winter