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Hello fellow bookworms 👿 It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly meme which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! This week’s topic is Characters on the Naughty List! I choose to went with only characters from books I read in 2017, to put on my Naughty List – no presents for you, I think it should be clear that these are only the characters that I would not get any presents, which does not mean that you cannot like them! This is the second week in a row that the prompt brings out my saltiness and hate 😮

I have so much hate to give 😈

1. Adam Kent (Unravel Me/Ignite Me) 👿 I hate him, he’s the first character that immediately came to mind when it was all about putting names on my naughty list. I could not stand Adam from the very beginning, as I found him manipulative and obsessed in a very creepy way, but as the books went on everything got worse. Not going to spoil anything, but Adam completely spins out of control these last two books and turns into an even greater jerk than he was before. His treatment of Juliette is truly horrible and he does some things that get my blood boiling, making me actually angry while reading the books. I just don’t get how I am supposed to like someone who does not value consent or respect his love interest at all. To me he’s just the worst and one of my most hated characters of all time. If I were Santa, there would be no presents for Adam Kent on my list – instead dear old Krampus would be coming for him!

2. Harry (It Only Happens in the Movies) 👿 I still have not put up my Review for this book, because I am still angry. A lot of it actually has to do with the human mess that is Harry – the love interest in the book. There is no denying that ge’s your typical broody bad boy and a complete fuckboy. Literally, he is the worst and I have yet to find one redeeming quality about him. I never rooted for him, instead I wanted Harry gone so badly, because there is nothing at least halfway decent about him or the way he acts. He’s one of those guys who thinks they can get every girl. Throughout the book he did lots of things that made me really uncomfortable like invading a girl’s personal space, forcing the main character to sit on his lap or the horrible “It would save us time if you just accept the inevitable that I will end up in your bedroom” (this is an actual quote from the book btw). Don’t get him any presents, just keep him away from all girls. Come to think of it he’s probably my new most hated character.

3. Holly Chase (The Afterlife of Holly Chase) 👿 This is kind of obvious if you know what the book is about, because the book is a A Christmas Carol retelling, with Holly kind of being the Scrooge of the story. Even after she gets her second chance, Holly is a pretty awful human being. She does not learn her lessons for many years after she should have gotten an insight in how horrible her behavior is. Not even being cut off from the world and having space to think about her past has changed Holly. Instead, she is still the spoiled girl she once was, always thinking about herself. She treats her new assistant like dirt and uses everyone to her advantage when it’s convenient. At first this is kind of infuriating to read, but in the very last 15% of the book she does change. Sorry Holly, there still are no presents for you, because you spent the majority of the time being horrible to others.

4. Joseph (One Dark Throne) 👿 Rage, rage, rage. I hate Joseph and in the sequel to Three Dark Crowns my hate did not dispel, instead it just got worse. You see I have a pretty radical opinion about cheating, no matter how the circumstances are. Joseph is a cheater, therefore I will never ever like him or think that the ship with his ex that he cheated on is cute. For me Joseph is horrible and I don’t think that the circumstances which might have led him to cheating (I don’t think we’re sure how much was him and how much was … other forces – cannot say more because spoilers), are enough to justify his behavior, especially as he does it multiple times. What made me really angry in this sequel was that he again was dating the girl he cheated on and did not give her any space after the hurt he caused her. Joseph should have stayed away from her, but he didn’t and their relationship made me cringe, as it was NOT built on trust anymore – especially as he probably never would completely stop feeling something for the other girl. No present. None.

5. Lena Haloway (Requiem) 👿 Lena always had not much personality, even from the start, but she annoyed me the most in the last book. Book 2 is a bit different, because Lena toughens up a bit, but in the grand finale she is at her worst so far. Basically Lena participated in so much girl-on-girl hate it was making me sick. There was this one girl -Coral – that she saw as a rival because she was close with the boy she once loved and Lena resented her without any more reason. Throughout the book she makes it her mission to show how much she wishes Coral would just leave (even if she had no one left, as her group was killed) or die. Lena loved putting her down, seeing Coral as helpless and needy without any skills of her own. She actually mimics shooting Coral and fantasized about killing her. Just … no. Let Krampus take you.

6. June Iparis (Legend/Prodigy) 👿 This might be a bit of an unpopular opinion (?) but I really don’t like June. Apart from the fact that I think she is too perfect and smart for a 15-year-old to actually exist, I have a bunch of problems with her in the first two books. She’s responsible for some pretty horrible things that happen to her love interest and never apologized (only really in book 3) for it, even after she realized that he’s not as bad as she thought. June is written as a genius, but she acts on misinformation all the time and cannot even accept the evidence that is right in front of her. I found it very strange that she was supposedly smart but completely blind to the proof left for her, that went against her usual logic. I also don’t like how she treats Day in the second book, where she messes everything up and yells at him, when he questions her, calling him childish and putting him down. Of course she is shown to be right in the end *rolls eyes* I really cannot stand her and only book 3 made me tolerate her.

What characters would land on your naughty list? 👿

12 thoughts on “Characters on my Naughty List

  1. I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like the Legend Trilogy, but apart from that, I totally get you with Joseph. I didn’t like him in the first and the secondo book… I mean, who cares about him?
    He’s not needed. And I don’t think that he was useful or really necessary to the novel. Unless what he was and what happens to him will be some kind of catalyst for Jules? I just don’t get it

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    1. I also don’t like the Legend Trilogy 😅The third book is by best the far, but the first two were not for me.

      Yes exactly! I hated to read about him, because I could not have cared less about what happened to him. I don’t think he was necessary as well, but you make a good point as he kind of is a catalyst in the second book in a way.

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