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Romance Authors 2023

Hello fellow bookworms 💖 This month I’m aiming to read some fluffy and comforting reads, meaning a lot of Romances! I’ve been slowly getting into Adult Romances in the past years and have had such a good time with them! I was always a bit intimidated by Adult Romance books, but there are so many great and diverse ones out there, that I’m gravitating toward them more often, especially as I grow older and more interested in these types of stories 🥰 Today I’m sharing my 8 favorite Adult Romances authors with you, ranked by how many books I’ve read by them! Some of these authors have published YA or MG books as well, but I’m only including their Adult titles today!

I’d still consider myself a ‘newer’ Romance reader, so if you’ve got any recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments! I’m particularly trying to check out some more books by authors of colors, as I need more of them on my TBR!


Talia Hibbert


  1. Get a Life, Chloe Brown (Brown Sisters #1)
  2. Take a Hint, Dani Brown (Brown Sisters #2)
  3. Act your Age, Eve Brown (Brown Sisters #3)
  4. A Girl Like Her (Ravenswood #1)
  5. Damaged Goods (Ravenswood #1.5)
  6. The Roommate Risk
  7. Merry Inkmas

I hereby crown Talia Hibbert the queen of romance 👑 She’s the Romance author I’ve read the most books of by far 😄 Her books are just always a good time and I appreciate that the author provides content notes and what to expect from her romances (angst level, HEA, no cheating etc.) as it helps me know what I’m getting out of them 💖 Talia Hibbert has a way of writing her couples and characters that always appeals to me. I love that some of them are grumpy women and everyone has their own issues to deal with. Even tropes like miscommunication never feel annoying, as the author manages to show us where everyone is coming from and how their trauma affects how they act. My favorite book by her is Act your Age Eve, Brown but I had such a good time with her other books as well 🥰 (she recently published a YA Contemporary Romance called Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute, it’s really good as well!!)

📚On My TBR: The Princess Trap, Bad for the Boss Trilogy, Work for It, Mating the Huntress, Skybriar [2023]


Emily Henry

  1. Beach Read
  2. People We Meet on Vacation
  3. Book Lovers

I discovered Emily Henry’s Adult romance books last year and fell in love with them! There’s something about them that really works for me and I’m glad that I gave her a chance after hearing so much praise 🥰 I love the chemistry between her couples and how she writes her characters and their struggles. My favorite book is probably Book Lovers, followed by Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation. The latter is still good though and one of the most well-executed friends to lovers’ romance I have seen 😊

📚On My TBR: Happy Place [April 25, 2023]


Ashley Herring Blake

  1. Delilah Green Doesn’t Care (Bright Falls #1)
  2. Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail (Bright Falls #2)

I enjoyed Ashley Herring Blake’s YA and MG books, so I was excited about her Adult debut! I love that the Bright Falls series focuses on a friend group and revolves around the small town they grew up in! All the romances are sapphic and I love the complicated, but lovable characters so much 💖 My favorite has to be Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail, because the romance had such good banter and tension, plus I loved seeing Astrid’s character growth. I cannot wait for the last book to come out this year!

📚On My TBR: Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date (Bright Falls #3) [Nov 7, 2023]


Alexis Hall

  1. Boyfriend Material
  2. A Lady for a Duke

Alexis Hall has created some amazing romances! I loved Boyfriend Material because the banter, humor, and romance were on point!! I had so much fun with this book, especially as the audiobook was marvelous 🥰 A Lady for a Duke also hooked me! It’s a historical romance with lots of pining, tenderness, and humor, focusing on a friends to lovers romance featuring a trans protagonist 💕 I’m not interested in reading the author’s entire backlist, but there are some great titles I’d love to explore!

📚On My TBR: Husband Material, Mortal Follies [July 11, 2023], 10 Things That Never Happened [Oct 17, 2023]


Rosie Danan

  1. The Roommate (Shameless #1)
  2. The Intimacy Experiment (Shameless #2)

While I wasn’t 100% into The Roommate, Rosie Danan still hooked me!! I loved The Intimacy Experiment much more and really appreciate that the author explored the downsides of the porn industry and the importance of prioritizing female pleasure in her books! They have the perfect amount of steam and tension! The Intimacy Experiment has some forbidden love as well and I cannot wait for the next book! 💖

📚On My TBR: Do Your Worst [Nov 7, 2023]


Timothy Janovsky

  1. Never Been Kissed (Boy Meets Boy #1)
  2. You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince (Boy Meets Boy #2)

I hadn’t even planned on reading anything but Janovsky but his holiday romance featuring Matthew Prince caught my eye 👀 Everyone was reading it this Christmas season, so I snatched up the audiobook and listened to it this January 😄 It turned out to be fantastic!! Unlikable MC with character growth & enemies to lovers romance with forced proximity ❤️‍🔥 I immediately checked out Never Been Kissed and I’m excited for another book coming out this year (all of these feature m/m couples!) 🥰

📚On My TBR: New Adult (Boy Meets Boy #3) [Aug 15, 2023]


Olivia Dade

  1. Spoiler Alert (Spoiler Alert #1)
  2. All the Feels (Spoiler Alert #2)

I love fandom stories, so I fell in love with Olivia Dade’s Spoiler Alert! I really appreciated that it features older characters who are still engaged in fandom, as I typically read about teens who are big fans. It was so lovely to see the love for fandom in a different generation as well 💕 I also love that Olivia Dade’s books feature fat protagonists who get their happily ever after! Spoiler Alert (and its companion books) also involve celebrity romances, if you’re into that 👀

📚On My TBR: Ship Wrecked (Spoiler Alert #3), Teach Me


Rachel Lynn Solomon

  1. Weather Girl

I love Rachel Lynn Solomon’s YA books and I’m hyped for her Adult content as well! Today Tonight Tomorrow and See You Yesterday are among my favorite contemporary books 🥰 Out of her Adult books I have only read Weather Girl but thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the mental health rep! I’m super excited to dive into The Ex-Talk and I already preordered her 2023 Adult release on Kindle!

📚On My TBR: The Ex-Talk, Business or Pleasure [June 20, 2023]

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Have you read any of the Books on my list? Did you like them? What are your favorite Romance authors? 💖


11 thoughts on “Favorite Adult Romance Authors 💖

  1. AH I love this, thank you for all the recommendations! I’ve been getting a little more into adult romance lately, so this post is perfect. I love Emily Henry’s work, can’t wait to read book lovers soon!!

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  2. What a great list! I spy favourites! And I’ll check out all the other authors as well! 🙂 I also really like Christina Lauren and Sarah Hogle! And Ashley Poston’s adult romance The Dead Romantics was also great and I can’t wait to read more from her!

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