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Writers Tag

Originally Posted: July 9th 2017

Hello fellow bookworms 🖋 I wanted to do a Writers Tag because there is currently a lack of Writing Updates on my part because university keeps me very busy and my motivation very low. However, I still want to talk about writing for a change of topic. Then yesterday, the new Beautiful People (a month Writer’s Meme hosted by Cait (PaperFury) and Skye (furtherup-andfurtherin)) got published and I loved the questions so I decided to combine the two! I did delete the Beautiful People questions that were similar to the Writers Tag questions (you can see all questions in the original post). I have linked both the Writers Tag & The Beautiful People Linkup down below!

Trenn Kopie

🖋 Beautiful People Questions<

Source: http://paperfury.com/beautiful-people-26-author-writing-process/

1. How do you decide which project to work on? 🖋 I usually make a list of Pros and Cons for the TWO project that I currently feel most excited for. I also keep in mind if they are ready to be written aka if I have planned them out enough. I recently had to do this exact thing as I was choosing the next project to outline. I usually take into consideration: length (last time the Standalone won over the Duology, because when I already writing a Trilogy I do not need to start another one), researchamount of planning done and excitement.

2. How long does it usually take you to finish a project? 🖋 *awkward silence* I have only finished two. The first one took a year??? The most recent one took me about 3 months for the first draft! So I would say that 3 months for the first draft is what I can make do, but that’s minus the dozen other edited drafts that I will have to make.

3. Do you have any routines to put you in the writing mood? 🖋 I mostly find a good writing place that I want to spend the next hours in and set up anything I need: a little snack, as well as some water and a hot drink. I don’t need much more and have no specific routines.

4. What’s the hardest thing you’ve written? 🖋 I have not written that much, so I would say that my current heart Project (The Path of Magic one that I talk about here all the time), because it means so much to me. That means lots of expectations and fears of it being a flop. I recently have decided to make massive plot changes and write two POV’s from scratch, because it was (hopefully) the right solution. However work it may be, I will get back behind this, because this Project is really, really important to me.

5. Is there a project you want to tackle someday but you don’t feel ready yet? 🖋 I don’t think there is one, but there are Projects that will take more work than others and require lots of research. The one that immediately came to mind is set in Victorian London which means so much research *nervous shuffling* I love Historical Fiction (especially what I call Historical Fantasy), but I know nothing and there’s so much I have to thoroughly get to know. I still love this project, but it well demand a lot of me.

6. Describe your writing process in 3 words or a gif 🖋

Trenn Kopie

Writers Tag Questions 🖋

Source: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/thewriterstag/

1. What genre/style/topics do you write about?

GENRE 🖋 FANTASY (mostly High Fantasy), sometimes Dystopian

STYLE 🖋 100% Past Time 🖋 Preference for 1st person, but it really has to fit the story, so that depends 🖋 In general I always use too much description & ramble 🖋 Comparative Writing Style? Hmm the German Author Lynn Raven comes to mind, but apart from that? Victoria Aveyard? Psssh I wish.

TOPICS 🖋 MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC 🖋 Royalty because I love me some powerful Queens 🖋 SASSY CHARACTERS 🖋Slow burn romances 🖋 Anything with kickass female characters and strong girl squads 🖋 Sometimes I am in the mood for some bloody historical fantasy 🖋 Always Food Appreciation

2. How long have you been writing? 🖋 I first started a writing project when I was in my 6th class (age: 12ish???) I have been writing on and off (mostly during NaNo) and only completed one draft during that time (now made it to a second finished draft). I have started getting my shit together last year and not procrastinate writing, because I wanted to made writing a priority.

3. Why do you write? 🖋

  • to escape reality – same as with reading I guess
  • because the dozen ideas floating around in my head excite me and demand to be written
  • to express myself and live through my characters
  • because it brings me joy and makes me feel like I left my mark
  • to hopefully to later publish something

4. When is the best time to write? 🖋 Early to Late Afternoon (2-5 pm), when the day has already unfolded, but there is also yet so much left of it to use – the perfect middle ground for me.

Morning? NO because I am not a morning person, leave me alone and just give me coffee, my brain does not function this early

Evening/Night? Nope, because it stresses me out that they day is almost gone and mostly I am tired from the day, so I just need to shut off completely!

5. Parts of writing that you love/hate? 🖋


  • getting to explore my ideas
  • coming up with something & being the master of a universe that no one could have thought up that exact way
  • getting lost in my story
  • that excitement for a new idea and the rush to pinterest & plot
  • when a writing session went well and you feel really confident
  • sudden great solutions/extensions for the story
  • the feeling of commitment/finishing something


  • plotting (as I suck at plot driven novels)
  • trying to juggle all the elements of the story
  • self-doubt and constant comparison that I cannot help but do
  • determining when to make paragraphs, I have always hated them
  • the mountain of work that is prone to demotivating you
  • Editing

6. How do you overcome writer’s block? 🖋 Normally I take a step back and change the scenery: do something else like reading, watching videos, working on the blog, anything that does not have to do with your current WIP. Then I figure out WHY I am stuck: is it because of the plotline? Characters? What is it that’s bothering me? If yes, then I’ll daydream/think about them thoroughly, trying to determine what options I have. OR is it because of a lack of motivation? Blast some music, look at my pinterest board, this may also be related to the first point, so that has to be changed first, but sometimes I also need a break to not burn out.

7. Are you working on something at the moment? 🖋 I just finished the first draft of my Path of Magic WIP that needs HEAVY editing (recently pinned down what exactly needed to be changed and it’s a lot … we are talking huge plot changes and two additional POV’s). I am also currently on break because of finals and a 10-12 paged paper that I have to write for university *screams* I am lowkey also outlining my fantasy standalone about shapeshifters, a soft boy and a tough assassin. However, I haven’t done much recently due to massive stress. Somehow, I am also dreaming up and pinteresting too many ideas.

8. Writing goals this year? 🖋

  1. Finish the first draft of my Path of Magic WIP – ALREADY DONE HA
  2. Outline my Shapeshifter WIP
  3. Figure out how the hell one does edit
  4. Rework my Path of Magic WIP (decided to add two new POV’s)
  5. Starting the second draft of said Path of Magic WIP
  6. Participating NaNoWriMo this November

Talk Kopie

What are you currently writing? What’s your Top 2017 Writing Goal? 🖋


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