Keep or Give Up Writing Challenge ☕

Keep or Give Up Challenge

Hello fellow bookworms ☕ I have been wanting to feature some more writing posts on the blog so today I’m doing a writing challenge that I stumbled upon on Angela Anne’s channel 😊 It’s the Keep or Give Up Writing Challenge (short for What would you Keep or Give Up while Writing) that was originally created by Brooke @ bytheBrooke. The idea behind the challenge is that you pick out the things you usually need during a writing session, write them on paper and then pick them out to compete against. You have to decide what things you want to keep and repeat the process until you only have one thing left! Basically, it’s all about hard choices and what you really need to write. I thought that was very interesting, so I decided to give it a go and delve a bit deeper into why I need what I need for my writing routine 🥰

Let's Talk (2)

What I need for a writing session

So far, I don’t need a lot, as I’m still figuring out my writing routine, but I have a list of seven things that I like to have ready for when I’m trying to get into the writing zone! 🥰

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

➽ Lots of Coffee ☕ to stay productive

➽ A Quiet Place so I can work in peace

➽ A tidy desk/table to write at

➽ A Drink (water, apple juice …) in one of my mason jar glass

➽ A hair tie for when mine gets in the way

➽ Comfortable clothing to get cozy

➽ Writing in the afternoon aka my prime time

Let's Talk (2)

Round 1

Afternoon sessions vs. my hair tie

This will actually be an easy choice! I get my best writing done in the afternoon as that’s when I have the most energy to get highly creative things done. I don’t function well in the mornings as I’m not a morning person and the evenings are reserved for relaxing, so the afternoons are my prime time🌟 Another thing I sometimes need is a hair tie for when my hair isn’t cooperating and getting in my way. Nothing irritates me more when I’m trying to get things done so I grab a hair tie to hold it back. However, I definitely value my most creative time in the afternoon more for my writing sessions than having a hair tie. In the end, it’s not a hard choice: the hair tie definitely has to go, making room for afternoon writing sessions!

Winner of this Round: Afternoon sessions

Round 2

Writing at a desk vs. Coffee

Oh NO now that’s a harder choice 😭 I LOVE writing at a desk/table because it makes me feel a lot more productive than lounging on the couch, it gets me into a better mindset, as I’m less comfortable and therefore less inclined to use the internet to procrastinate writing. Usually I write at my desk or at the dining room table when I’m at home, as it has the best lighting and is facing the outdoors, that’s always a nice view 🥰The other thing I absolutely need and that makes this decision so hard is … coffee! It also boosts my productivity as I have come to associate it with getting things done and I get to treat myself for writing by consuming lots of coffee! ☕ So in the end … I’m choosing coffee, simply because I can technically write in another location, I have some great armchairs (one I actually sat in while writing 8K in a day for NaNoWriMo 2017) that could also work! Coffee however is a must especially in the afternoon and it’s ridiculous what kind of effect it can have on me.

Winner of this Round: Coffee

Round 3

Comfortable clothing vs. Drink vs. Quiet Place

➽ Because I had an uneven number of essentials, we have a three-way duel! First up is comfortable clothing, which I kept vague to encompass what I need to feel comfortable, depending on what season it is. In the colder months I usually also snuggle up with a blanket to get into a good zone that makes me feel inspired! Apart from the coffee I already mentioned here I usually also have a drink with me (juice or water) because it’s important to stay hydrated 💧 I used to be super bad about this, but since getting these large mason jar glasses to drink out of it has gotten so much easier to drink enough. Lastly, we have a quiet environment, which is SO important!! I cannot deal with loud noises and especially the TV playing/music with lyrics (unpopular opinion: I rarely put on music during my writing sessions and then only ambience sounds) playing so I need to ideally be alone without anyone distracting me. Libraries and quieter coffee shows are also fine, because they are usually not loud enough to bother me. To get into the zone having quiet around me is key, so that’s my choice!

Winner of this Round: Quiet Place

The Big Finale

Afternoon sessions vs. Coffee vs. Quiet Place

It’s time for the big finale!! We have my three ideal conditions go against each other, making this really hard because my top 3 key essentials are writing in the afternoons with coffee and in a quiet place. The first thing to go are the afternoon sessions, because technically I can write at other times, it might just be a bit harder. Writing in the late morning has worked for me before and I can work in the evening if I have to! It’s up to coffee vs. having a quiet place to write in, the ultimate showdown! In the end it’s clear to me that I need a quite environment more than I need coffee. I can do without it, as I usually have several cups in a day and to truly get in the zone, I need a distraction-free place because tuning out loud noises and other can be really draining. Therefore, the one thing left for my writing session is a quiet environment! 🥰

The Ultimate Winner is … A Quiet Place!!!

Let's Talk (1)What would you have chosen? What couldn’t you give up during your writing sessions? Do you need coffee to be productive? ☕

5 thoughts on “Keep or Give Up Writing Challenge ☕

  1. Oh this is such a fun post, Caro, I love it! Funnily enough, I don’t feel like I’d need an absolutely calm place to write, as I can write while I’m surrounded or with the TV on, as long as I’m able to get in the writing zone…. haha 🙂 I value my hair tie a lot, too, haha, I hate when my hair get in the way as well!

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